Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring is here!

Well March has arrived in a flurry of activity and sunshine!
I always look forward to winter. I love snow, and I love going to bed and it being dark. But by the end of 4 months of cold, wet and rain I am getting rather fed up with it.
So imagine my surprise and joy when the 1st of March came and it was the first sunny day for months. It was warm and I even ate dinner outside to celebrate the coming of spring and warmer days to come. I saw the first bee. - I screamed, then ran, - but never the less I saw a bee and that is always tidings of sunny things to come.
I started a you tube channel with my friend Emma! We filmed the first video outside :) We felt
eco-friendly for some bizarre reason.
I have a maths test today.
It should be fine! I hope.
I also have dance with my friends and German which is my favourite lesson of the week at the moment, though that tends to change regularly.
All in all, things are look great for the future!

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