Monday, 27 June 2011

Our Garden ^^

You may say that Teenagers shouldn't garden. I disagree, I garden occassionally. Mainly my mum and dad do, But I still like looking at our garden. I thought I'd show you our garden. Its small, and slopped, which means no trampoline :( but many flowers :D

Well, that didn't take long :)

I have found it. The dungaree's of my dreams :D
Its from River Island :D Only problem is its quite expensive...
And I am getting new sandals.
And maybe a new watch.
WHO CARES :D We can scrimp and save ^^ make do and mend and all that jazz.
I am happy now...


Well, Britain is in a heat wave, which has so far lasted 2 days! What a record! :D (this is what happens when you get good weather in England. We get over excited.)
SO during my hot day, I did many things.
Wrote a letter posing as Martin Luther King senior.
Sharpened a stick to stick in the ground to mark where we had spent our lunch. (it snapped)
and spent most my day thinking of things totally unrelated to what class I was sitting in. I bet my teachers love me. :)
Just checked the trusty bbc website, and found out that top temperature for today was 33 degree's celcius! So my task for this evening. To find a floral dungeree's online.

Its the simple things in life that get me excited. ^^

Sunday, 26 June 2011

What a find!

So, during my many skimmings of the internet, I have found a gem amongst all the mud.
It is a treasure trove of every retro bag you could possibly imagine! All styles (especially the traditional shoulder bag) and so many patterns it literally gives you a migraine trying to process them all :D The timing of this is just so perfect. Its coming up to the end of term, and Summer is vastly approaching and that means.....
Its a rule I use to make myself feel better about indulging in my passion for bags :)