Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Camera!

So, big news! After about 2 years of saving up, I have finally purchased a brand new DSLR! I went for the Canon 100D, mainly because it is affordable, small and a good all rounder. My first shots have been basic flowers and family members (I am only just getting to grip with what shutter speed even means!) and I have uploaded the first few onto here. I still have a lot to learn, but I am hoping that it should be a relaxing activity along side the stress of exams, which is all piling on at the moment.



  1. Hello! Came across your blog on a google search :) I was wondering how do you find the 100D? I am planning to purchase my first ever DSLR soon!


    1. Hey Shaz Cheng! :) As a camera I love the canon 100D! The settings on it are great, and when you are just wanting to point and shoot, quick snaps, there are quick menu options to change colour intensity which is so useful! As a camera body, it's small and light and easy to take with you! For your first DSLR I would completely recommend it! Helps you take great photos, with great quality and introduces you to photography as an art! Go for it!