Sunday, 12 August 2012

My name is now Amy

So the Summer Holidays have finally arrived, and with them, England has managed to produce some nice weather. It has come just in time for the Olympics, (which I am obsessed with!) and for our annual holiday to Wales.
So in my holidays, I have done a lot of Starbucks drinking... and I mean a lot. My choice of drink comes in a seasonal rotation. In winter its a caramel hot chocolate, in summer its the strawberries and cream frappaccino, autumn its a caramel frappaccino, and spring its a crushed fruit frap of various flavours! Now our local Starbucks does the thing where they ask you for your name, which I personally love. Its makes you feel friendly with whoever's serving, and can add an element of fun. Because why use your normal name when you can use someone else's? So my latest drink was given to Amy. :) It was literally the first name that popped into my head! I look forward to asking in lots of different names. Mocha Frap for Obama?

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