Monday, 3 October 2011

Life This October

Things have been going well recently. God has blessed me and my family. The weather has been beautiful, and my brother recently took me to Alton Towers for a day trip :)
Up at 6, like the early birds we were masquerading as.
It truly was too early. It was pitch black outside, and the birds were most definitely not singing a dawn chorus. Wiping sleep from our eyes, we tumbled into the car to collect Vicky, Chris's friend, and then onto the station to get caught up in the early morning commute, full of business people in posh suits with shiny shoes and brief cases (which I am almost certain are empty, and only there to look the part).
After a quick dive into M&S for a bag of grapes for a quid, we queued for centuries to access one of two ticket machines. Sensible really. To have only two ticket machines in a major city railway station. I can really understand there though process on that one ;)
On the train, dawn broke :) It was rather picturesque, even though we were too busy chatting and eating our breakfast to really notice...

Anyway, after a full day of G-force and hair wrecking wind speeds, we collapsed onto the Alton Towers bus. It was, naturally late, but this was alright, due to the simple fact that we had a box of jaffa cakes. They do tend to sweeten situations such as this. Anywa
y, our train got cancelled, but that too was alright, because we would have missed it anyway...

So we got onto another train, of which there are SO many, and travelled to the half way point. Here we entered a cafe, and purchased a snack. The man serving was, and this is the only nice way to put it, utterly GRUMPY. I do not care whether he had had a hard day, he still could have tried to smile, whether it came out as a wince, or a grimace, I would not have cared, if only he had tried. But no. He did not try. So I did not smile at him. That is how it works.

So all in all it was a great day :) I got wet, but there you go, it was after all, 27 degree's so I dried VERY quickly. And I returned home to tumble into my bed.

I then promptly had a nose bleed.
This is what excitement does to you.
Be warned.

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