Friday, 3 December 2010


Christmas, full of joys, presents and Pantomimes. Oh, and food :) And on the theme of pantomimes, the stories never end. New spins on Cinderella are spun everyday. I mean, how much can you say on a girl who rides in a pumpkin? But, panto writers find stuff to write about her! Yet one story is rarely put into panto pretext. Robin Hood. And that's exactly the panto I am in this Christmas. The church always puts on a pantomime every two years and this year Robin Hood is the new topic. Yet somehow they still manage to fit britains got talent, dragons den and the royal variety performance into the second act. Unfortunately, during one fateful act in Britains got talent the fuse in all the lights, explosions and on-stage affects, blew. The stage was plunged into darkness, and the small children dancing at the time were left bewildered and confused. Yet, they still carried on, and danced like little angels. Oh how we love Pantomime's :)

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